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Hot handle integrated non-woven bag making machine
HBL-DB700 Nonwoven Bag Making Machine
Sample bag:


1. This machine adopts Taiwan touch screen computer display, PLC computer program which can be edited.

2. Auto meter counting &stopping, could freely setting number.automatic loading material system.

3. Computer Fixed-length, printing color mark track orientation,Auto-stop when its running out of material.

4. High vollage static processor, Auto constant temperature heating controller.

5. This machine has the function of automatic punching.

6. Unwinding magnetic powder tension control with manual, Auto side-correction control.

7. This machine adopt ultraronic welding of all aspects, bag mouth folding welding. side sealing. once full comploted,fast speed, easy to operale,fim sealing. beautiful and decent

      Product Introduction:

      This. machine is suitable for non woven fabric material only, it is the most advanced equipment and has the functionof full automatic handie loop sealing. The speed is about 20-75 pcs/min, it equals to 5 workers operating 5 handlesealing machines. It can fully automatic make non woven bag products; with diferent bag type and size, as handieattached bags, T-shirt bags (vest bags), box bags, flat bags, drawstring bags and so on. It has widely used inclothing, footwear, wine, gifts packaging etc. The machine can instead of the traditional hand-sewing and reducinglabor and manufacturing costs. It's very popular in worldwide.

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